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Myps betting add on
anyone know where you can get this from now, looks like the forum is offline on the first page of this thread?
here you areCool it´s version 1.3.2

Attached Files
.zip   Less than 1 minute ago"> (Size: 40.5 KB / Downloads: 19)
Thanks DonNemesis. Do you know if that was his latest release?
thank you so much

Downloaded the file but its just a file called mybet_beta no php files or others?

weird, downloaded it again and zip file is working.
Anyone get any instructions on how to use it?

Have uploaded and activated can see mybet icon and enter, but how do you create bets?

Thank you
sorry peeps but can someone talk me though how to create categories etc?

Is there something in the admincp, i cant find anything bar the plugin enable and the settings that go with it.

thanks Smile
it uses a different admins user name when posting winners how do i change this please
i wanna download it but i cant
Lex, can you help me out with this? I am struggling to build my BB, and I just dont understand most of it. How do I add , arcade, for example? How do I add bets? I can see everything in my ACP, just nothing about adding bets. I am probably trying to do too much at one time, but what the heck , right
[Image: mybet_nav.jpg]
Can't be more clearer than that i suppose;

After pressing 'Bet [Add]' ...
[Image: mybet_choose.jpg]

After choosing 'Versus' and pressing 'Proceed' ... [ Make Sure You Enter Categories And Titles Before You Try To Add A Bet ]
[Image: mybet_versus.jpg]

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