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My Awards 2.4
License is attached inside extras folder by using this software you agree to the terms of that license.

Mod Name: My Awards
Mod Author: Jesse Labrocca
Mod Website:
Mod Version: 2.4
Mod Mybb Compatibility: 1.6.x
Mod File Edits: None
Mod File Uploads: 5
Mod Description: Give your users awards.


1. Upload Files

2. Create folder /root/uploads/awards/ (already included in download too)

3. Chmod /root/uploads/awards/ to 777.

4. Activate in admincp the plugin "My Awards".

5. You can now go into admincp under "Users & Groups" and you will see the nav menu on left for "My Awards". In Settings, you will see a "My Awards" group. Awards image pack is included in the 'extras/awards' folder.

The rest should be self explanatory.


This plugin adds the award to the postbit (classic and horizontal). On the profile page you will see a row for the Awards and display the amount and a link to the details page. The awards page can also be directly linked to if you want to add a spot in your header. It's myawards.php of course.

Any suggestions or bugs found please post at Mybb Central.

Troubleshooting Templates:
Here are the 5 template changes needed if they didn't take during activation:

Template: member_profile
Find: {$reputation}
Add After:
(Newline before and after)

Template: stats
Find: {$footer}
Add Before:

Template: footer
Find: syndication}</a>
Add After:
| <a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/myawards.php">Awards</a>

Template: postbit
Find: user_details']}
Add After:
<br />{$post['myawards']}

Template: postbit_classic
Find: user_details']}
Add After:
<br />{$post['myawards']}

My Awards 2.0

New features:
-Plugin now only uses 1 query when opening a thread. Old version used 1 query PER every post with an award. Massive query reduction.
-Plugin now uses cache where applicable to save resources.
-Plugin displays "Latest X Awards Granted" in stats.php page. This has a setting in AdminCP to limit how many awards are shown.
-Minor bug fixed in ROOT/myawards.php where layout break when multiple GET parameters are passed. (non-important)


MyAwards 2.0
These instructions are for if you are upgrading from My Awards 1.x to My Awards 2.x
-Overwrite old files with new My Awards 2.x files.
-Deactivate "My Awards" in plugin manager.
-Activate "My Awards" in plugin manager.

With that, there should be no loss of previous award data.

MyAwards 2.1
If upgrading from 2.0, just overwrite old files with new files. No need to deactivate.
If upgrading from 1.x, use instructions for MyAwards 2.0 upgrade.

MyAwards 2.2
Fixed uid limitation bug. Now UID for granted awards can have 8 characters (99,999,999 being highest possible UID).

MyAwards 2.3
Now optional PM is sent when granting an award.

MyAwards 2.4
Fixed admincp exploit from member signatures. To upgrade from 2.3 just upload the admin/modules/users/myawards.php. Be sure to properly upload to your correct admin directory.


Hopefully next version will have the Modcp for giving moderators ability to give awards from modcp.

Screenshots can be seen in attachments. More screenshots are included in the 'extras' folder in the download.


Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.zip (Size: 388.55 KB / Downloads: 1,419)
I think in "troubleshooting step 4" Template>postbit and Find: user_details\']} the backslash is not in the template code?

At least the user_details in my template is missing a backslash

***Edit** same with step 5

...and while we're at it the "line before and after" in step 1 means to like this correct?





^ yes, that is the code adding method. backslash is not used in the above templates code. moreover, not sure
that {\$myawards} is correct or it can be used like that. it is usually without backslash, that is, {$myawards}
(Mar 06, 2012, 02:04 AM)teluguresearcher Wrote:

^ yes, that is the code adding method. backslash is not used in the above templates code. moreover, not sure
that {\$myawards} is correct or it can be used like that. it is usually without backslash, that is, {$myawards}

Fixed in troubleshooting. Thanks.
Cheers, I'll update now.
[Image: firechaoeyebutton.png][Image: button.php?u=firechao]
Nice new awards image in it, thanks. Smile
Anychance of some screenies please?
Also a suggestion, can we get moderators to grant awards?
Thank you very much for making it 1.6.
Going to test it out now.
oh! @BleepyEvans, screenshots available with the plugin (extras folder) and a moderator can also grant awards - why not !
Thanks! Favorite plugin here on MyBB Central.

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