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SportsBB - For the real athletes and fans!
SportsBB is a new sports community open for all athletes and sports enthusiasts. No matter if you like basketball, football, baseball, soccer, hockey, tennis, golf, or even just running and exercising to stay fit, you're welcome to join and discuss with other people who enjoy being part of the vast world of sports.

I'd love to see some new members to help us get started but even if you're not interested, be sure to post your feedback. Let us know how the theme looks, what should be removed, added, changed, etc., it really helps us make SportsBB as good as it can be.
Hey, i really like your theme.

Would you mind sharing with me what theme it is?

It would be amazing if you could PM me the link

He made it himself.
Mark is correct, it's a completely custom design by me.

If you're interested in purchasing a custom theme however, I design them for $15.

Simply shoot me a private message if you're interested. Smile
Fresh, valuable content is posted daily, come check it out and join the discussion!

Bump, come join the discussion!

Latest Story: Mickael Pietrus of the Boston Celtics is hospitalized after leaving game on stretcher

Register an account and make some posts. Also be sure to post all of your feedback and suggestions here on the thread to help me make SportsBB better!
You are very limited on the forum. If you expect more members, I would add some more offtopic forums. Do like HF, have the main part of the forum to be about Hacking, but build many forums around that.
I want to have an active forum full of members that discuss sports, not gaming, graphics, web development, hacking, etc..

I understand what you're saying but I'm focusing on a specific niche.



Register an account and help us grow as a community!

I'm thinking about hosting a contest soon, so keep your eyes open for information on that in the coming weeks.
Bump ----- There have been several little theme changes. Check it out and be sure to give me feedback!

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