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SportsBB - For the real athletes and fans!
(Apr 17, 2012, 11:01 AM)forumhookers Wrote: they are doing good!

Thanks forumhookers!

(Apr 18, 2012, 05:04 AM)vanapeya Wrote: Hi Amazing,

nice to see that you are obviously very motivated to bring your forum up. So this is what I have to say: I remember your original green design, and I liked that one much more than the one you set up now. It was more individual, now it looks more standard. I think the green design fitted very well to your topic.

Also I would remove the advertising, since it is a new board and the ad probably will keep some people away from registration.

That are my thoughts so far.



The green theme is still available and can be switched to at any time in the user control panel, but I, as well as several other people, feel that the current theme is a better default theme. If however, more people end up suggesting the green theme is better, it might be changed again because I do like giving my members / visitors what they want, thanks for the feedback!

Post all of your feedback to help us improve SportsBB!
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