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How much would you pay for this theme?
My Gaming Clan's theme, I have been working on it, and was thinking of selling it. It's MW3/Gaming themed.
I've been working my but off and making it look nice and such. I have a few things left, like the buddy and rep templates and such but what do you all think?

btw, it's not from scratch, took a VERY ugly theme and changed it.

Original -

I'm not looking for much but the amount of time and such, it's worth over $20. I made all the gfx, nothing is left untouched, gfx wise.
Dude free is better Smile
Pretty sick! I wouldn't pay for it though since it's kind of plain, except for the logo and icons.
It's not a "awesome" theme.
Why wouldn't I buy Lights instead of this?
It's a gaming theme so forum might be tougher to monetize, however if someone is still on the black ops buzz I can't see why they wouldnt pay the U$20
It's a very plain theme, I wouldn't suggest you buy it.
You can get way better ones for a quarter of that price.
I thought the original looked 10x better, sorry.
Your theme is not exciting at all.
I think you cant really compare it to the old theme because they look completely differnet.
To be perfectly honest the original needs improvements, but is more eyecatching that your modification.
But yours is more userfriendly than the original.

I personally wouldnt pay anything for the theme.
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Where Did you get this guest registration plugin., Please Give me the link for download this plugin thank you
Sorry bud I couldn't see paying for this.
I would like to use this for free, but I would not pay for this.

The [Image: on.png] turns me off =/

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