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Youtube MyCode
chears this looks cool
jamie_whizkid Wrote:chears this looks cool

but first i have to figuer out how to install it lol
wow tthanks...this will help my forum a lot
OK, this is the second YouTube mod I've tried. The first worked occasionally, and yours better than 50 or 60 percent of the time. But there are situations where it won't function at all.

We have it set up at . Feel free to look at a few of the YouTube codes and see why it might work some of the time, but not others.

This is an addendum. Through trial and error and lots and lots of experimentation, we got most of the YouTube links to function properly.

Of course, editing several hundred of these links takes a little time, but I suppose that's what a Saturday afternoon is for SmileSmile
Thank you for this! i've been looking around for it
Darnit, it only works somtimes for me :-(
nice tool
thank you for the plugin.


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