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"Flags" and "Inline Ads" not working after theme change
I am using the "Softblue" theme which is really great. So good in fact I deleted the myBB default theme!
However, now my two plugins, "Flags" by author "zaher1988" and your plugin Jesse, "Inline Ads" are not working. Any ideas? Thanks much for any help.
I got the "Flags" plugin working, just needed to "de-activate" and "activate" again in the CP. Now just the "Inline Ads" plugin is not working. Smile
Any ideas anyone?


really missing this plugin!
have you removed all the origional files and reinstalled them?
Well, to be honest, the ftp program I was using (not anymore), would not let me "overwrite" files. I had to delete the original files (in the image folder) and upload the new files from softblue. But, I have double checked and see they are all there. So, I am still confused...I'll be glad when Jesse can have a look an tell me where I messed up...
Most likely it didn't change the template.

Open in the admincp and check the postbit the bottom you should see


Instead of


Let me know.
yeah you need to re add the extra mods you added to the old theme onto the new one.
a new installation would be the best choice. worked for me
I just deactivated and reactivated. Also added another plugin so maybe that was it.
What is meant by the "postbit template" as labrocca mentioned earlier?

Running 1.2.9.

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