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Forum Icons ( Ficons )
Make 10 quality posts at and I will email you the plugin.
i can't download
and work in 1.14
Any news on 1.4 update for this plugin?
i am mybb 1.12 and update to 1.4
working in 1.4
how come when i try and dwnload it,it end up saying im not aloud, band, resend activation code, etc

can somene somehow send me thi plugin thanks in advanced
not very nice
I get this error when trying to activate the plugin:
MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
1060 - Duplicate column name 'ficon'
ALTER TABLE `mybb_forums` ADD `ficon` VARCHAR(120) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'shim.gif' AFTER `defaultsortorder`
Do you have ficon installed already? Or maybe another plugin that uses that column name?

Also this isn't yet compatible with 1.4x.
Quote:Also this isn't yet compatible with 1.4x.

This is a great plugin Jess, well done, when do you think that it will be available in 1.4?
I think I will whip this one up quickly very soon. It's something I like having on my forums and would like to add it here.

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