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professorskylolo Wrote:please i downloaded about 10 times but it is saying that the file is corrupted.pless cud u check it out?

I had the same issues using internet explorer then tried it using firefox and all downloaded OK.

Cheers fishntassie...
Hey...IE7 does corrupt the download. What gives?

EDIT: Found a download bug with my server config and mod_deflate. Should be fixed now. I wonder how many bad downloads have occured? The problem was mod_deflate for IE was compressing the compressed file twice.
Cheers! This mod looks so good, hopefully I'll be able to use. Smile
Thanks, I'm totally using it
Great plugin!
This will make my forum look better!
No to jeszcze jedna glupota.
Unfortunately I cannot use this due to copyright issues with another forum.
great site mate
Rovin Wrote:Unfortunately I cannot use this due to copyright issues with another forum.

What? Explain please. Just use images that are not copyright protected or that you create. Also they could be some fair-use arguments. Like if you are using the Linux symbol for describing the Linux area.

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