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Forum Icons ( Ficons )
this is pretty awesome plugin, thank you
Big Grin 
salam dear

realy i need it thanks very nice work

showing error

when i m going to upload a image

Warning: copy(/home/a2444714/public_html/./uploads/ficons/at.gif) [function.copy]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/a2444714/public_html/admin/ficons.php on line 210

labrocca Wrote:
Rovin Wrote:Unfortunately I cannot use this due to copyright issues with another forum.

What? Explain please. Just use images that are not copyright protected or that you create. Also they could be some fair-use arguments. Like if you are using the Linux symbol for describing the Linux area.

What I meant was, another forum (with the same subject as mine), runs different software (YaBB) and uses board icons. I asked the owner of that forum if I could also use them and they said I couldn't as it was too similar to their design and "no other forum uses board icons.." (quote from the PM I sent him).

Do you think I can use them?
You can use forum icons...just don't use his.
hello sir

plz tell me where i can find the template of

Only 3 templates are changed.

labrocca Wrote:Only 3 templates are changed.


thank you sir

but how i can set width and height of forum icons

Thanks labrocca
You don't. Resize them before uploading.

If you want to hardcode a size then edit the template and add the height and width attribute for the ficons img tag.

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