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Forum Icons ( Ficons )
Looks great!!!
need to try this plug-in.
waiting for my own second post Smile
Installed the pluggin ok?

Where I can get the icons?
Finally I got post enough to download.Smile
I'll try it tonight.
great plugin thank you
I'll have to try these out.
We're interested in testing out this plugin (for the new theme) as well Smile Thanks!
god joobs labrocca
@ Micromaster:

For Exampel you can use Smilies.

@ labrocca:

The Plugin should edit another Template as well:

In the "forumbit_depth2_cat"-Template there should be added an "
<td class="tcat">&nbsp;</td>
" after or before the already existing one - or categories will be displayed wrong.

Greetings, GM!
forumbit_depth2_cat ???

And what page would use that and display incorrectly? I don't see any errors on mybbcentral.

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