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HTML Permissions (by uid and usergroup)
looks like a nice plugin to have
2nd post needed to download :/
labrocca Wrote:
AjEe Wrote:I mean if I have not permitted HTML in any forums, categories and posts and I allow one user who can use HTML .. Will this over ride previous permissions for this particular user?

Yes that's the entire point. If you had HTML enabled why would you even need this plugin? The point is to have it disabled for the forums YET allow userid's and usergroups HTML permissions.

LOL...I'm glad this was asked, since it clarified it in my mind as well. Now we don't have to give a forum blanket approval to use HTML. We can just give it to groups that we trust or have been members long enough to prove they won't cause any damage. Great idea, Labrocca! Big Grin
This is exactly what I was looking for. I was wondering on how I could allow Admins to post HTML while having it off to all other users. Thanks! Smile
I can;t download...hmm
edit:// points stuff eh?
i cant download :s
thank you
thankyou labrocca
Thanks, installed and works great.

The only problem is that there is some kind of error generated by MyBB for users who are not logged in. It just returns a blank screen. If you are logged in, it works fine. Here is the scenario:

1) User with HTML permissions adds HTML code (html code is verified to work).
2) User views thread, everything looks and works fine.
3) User logs out, and is now part of the Unregistered group.
4) User goes back to thread in #2, page does not load.
5) User logs in. and is now part of the Administrator group.
6) User goes back to thread in #2, page loads fine.

Any idea? is the site.
Can you point to a thread with HTML?

Also it's impossible for this plugin to add a member to usergroup. You may not have logged out properly or your browser has your login cached.

As for a blank white page..again...this plugin shouldn't be causing this. What other plugins do you run?

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