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Why is it so dead around here?
Why is Central so dead now?

I no longer like using this site much as there is just no new content coming out Sad
I agree,
This site would be alot more busier if their we're more new plugins being released.
That's why i became a subscriber, because I thought their we're going to be heaps of updates,
I guess I was wrong.
As mentioned time and time and time again, this is a support forum and not a community.
People come here for support with Labroccas plugins. If its quiet then obviously not alot of support is needed.

Labrocca Wrote:This site is only for support of my plugins. I have no desire to turn it into a massive active community. As a matter of fact I don't want that and I am considering removing the off-topic area.

And I visit this site daily to answer PMs and support threads.

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