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Piñata Bloom Theme

Exclusive Features:
  • CSS Customized buttons (saves space, looks better)
  • Customized Upgrade & Welcome page
  • Customized Contact Us page with hoover CSS effects
  • Logo.psd in folder
  • Easy install
  • Lifetime Support

I've been customizing this theme with the CSS very much to add button hoover effects and new textarea effects. CSS buttons is in the highlight and the theme feels great. It's a result of many inspirations.

I'm not finished with it yet but I'll be selling it for $10 here on MyBBCentral as soon as I finish it next week. Pre-orders can start today but they are limited to only 5 copies.
Theme looks very nice, very nice! :d
Thanks for the feedback mate!
i love this theme, but can you make it look similar to
It depends what you mean, anyone else interested?
This looks great. I would buy it if i had the money Tongue
I don't understand, pepole here don't give free thems?
(Jul 27, 2012, 07:59 AM)Fuzzy Wrote: I don't understand, pepole here don't give free thems?

I takes a long time to create a specific theme. It requires hours of work sometimes. These types of themes will have to cost money. No one is using it yet so if someone buys it, they're the only one that are using it. In this way I can keep the quality of the theme.
Nice Theme Tongue
nice theme but to dark..

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