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Small question
Big Grin 
Like in this theme and at the forum "Final Fantasy Forums" at the boards "Final Fantasy I, II, and III" , Final Fantasy IV and other where a Icons is added how can i add a icon like that is a board?
Well, I can tell you the first to put the image there. The linking will either have to be done manually or maybe some php can be put around it. But go into ACP and then Manage forums. Then select edit for the forum where you want the image to show up and put the following in the description box in front of the text you have there:

<img src="images/XXXX.gif" border="0" alt="YOUR PIC DESCRIPTION" align="right" />

Replace XXXX.gif with the name of your image.
You can manually type in the link. For example,

<a href="forumdisplay.php?fid=12"><img src="images/XXXX.gif" border="0" alt="YOUR PIC DESCRIPTION" align="right" /></a>

Hope that helps! Big Grin

by the way, thanks for asking this! I had fun finding out how to do it and am now implementing it on my forum!

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