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Buy Usergroup Access
=> ACP - Manage Group - Choose Your Group [Edit]
When you create a new group, you can't enter a MYPS value. You first need to create a new group and edit it afterwards.

=> Give members a chance to buy access to a new usergroup.
Admins don't have that opportunity, since they can have access to everything and use every function ( at least that should be =P )
=> x% of total GroupMYPS per given time (default 1day) a user needs to pay to stay in his new group ( can be disabled )
=> If he/she can't afford it anymore to stay in that new group, his/her myps will be set at 0 and they will have their old usergroup back. And the user will be notified by PM about what 'happend'.

=> Upload ./inc/plugins/bua.php into your plugins folder.
=> Upload bua.php into your root folder.
=> Activate the Plugin. ( New SettingsGroup // 3 Settings )
- Status [Yes/No]
- Percent [ How Much MYPS Per Day ] Default 2% of total amount you needed to pay to gain access.
- Time [ in Days ]

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anyone currently using this feature?

I have a problem when applying this plugin

here is the scenario
in one of my forum, we are not using the normal setting for user group. We use custom usergroup for everyone since each of them will have access to their own private section as well. For example, usergroup 1 can only access private forum A and other public forums, usergroup 2 can only access private forum B and other public forum

Now I add this plug-in. We created another new custom usergroup, PaidGroup. The purpose we use this plugin is to enable us to charge MYPS to those who are interested to get access to forum PaidGroup. Of course I need to ensure that this PaidGroup can't have access to other private forums except their own original private forum.

Take my case as a sample. I have access to private forum A, and paid to join PaidGroup. I have access to PaidGroup forum but unfortunate I loss access to my private forum 1 now. Anybody knows how to handle this issue?
Seems like a forum permission issue outside of the scope of the plugin.
looks like I have to disable this plugin, for my case
Any chance of getting this working with MyBB 1.4? It would be much appreciated!

Yeah I will look into updating this quickly. Shouldn't take long.
You shouls add a manage groups function in the user cp.

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