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Modded Download Section with MYPS
Well there isn't much documentation for this one but here it is anyways.

Included Files:

* downloads.php
* ./inc/plugins/upgrade_ds.php
* ./admin/downloads.php


Upload && Replace downloads.php [ root folder ]
Upload ./inc/plugins/upgrade_ds.php into your plugins folder.
Upload && Replace ./admin/downloads [ admin folder ]
Go to your pluginmanager and activate the Upgrade Download Section Plugin
=> It removes old templates and replaces them with the new ones for MYPS.

Attached Files
.zip   Less than 1 minute ago">Download Section° (Size: 10.15 KB / Downloads: 19)
Gasp!! He actually gave this to you? I had waited for him to release it on his site but he never did! I can't wait to try it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

edit: If anyone gets this working, please let me know. I don't think the fault lies with the myps addon, though, since I have tried just the regular download plugin, and I'm still missing some key links to make this work in the ACP.

edit again: got the links working and got the integration figured out. woo hoo
Well....I have to make sure it's OK with Musical Midget so get it while you can.
I've gotten the myps addon to work just fine, but the plugin itself needs a lot of work. I can only add categories if I manually type the link, since it won't add them to the ACP...and when I attempt to download, it subtracts the myps but doesn't give me the download. Jeesh! LOL...would be nice if MusicalMidget actually updated/maintained his own plugins. Wink
Yeah I spoke to him about it and he didn't want me to mess with it. Oh well. I will probably rewrite a new download section one day. It's very useful for certain sites.
Phew! After spending all last night and several hours today, I got it figured out. Apparently Lex made a few changes in the original files that the plugin didn't like, which is why I was having problems getting it to work. After going through line by line and taking those out, it is now working with myps! Smile I also added the log to keep track of anyone who pays points for a download. I'm just glad it's finally working. I've wanted this for quite some time now! I'm so glad that Lex sent it to you!
Is there a working copy available, or is the current download the messed up one?

Well, since Lex only gave Labrocca permission to edit and redistribute, I am unable to distribute my corrected files. Otherwise, I would be happy to attach them here. Big Grin

You can always try to see if you can get the current download to work on your site though.
Attach them here Jude. I give you my permission.
Okey dokey! They are attached! But one thing I recommend. Upload and activate Musical Midget's original download plugin and THEN use Lex's original files (you will need to use his upgrade file) and THEN replace the following two files!

I had to zip them, since mybb wouldn't allow me to upload two files of the same name. If I did it correctly, one goes into your root directory and the other goes into your admin directory.


I just tested to make sure. Apparently, it did it twice. Either of the files you choose are the same. Either the ones in the root and admin of the download Or the files within the "edit files" folder. I've never done this before, so I guess I somehow duplicated the files...oh well! LOL Tongue

And please, if anyone uses the new files, please let me know if you get it working correctly on your forum.

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