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your hot kitty
Or in this case, your libido. That’s right. You talked, and I listened. After the article Tips for Better Foreplay for Him was released, I received quite a response for men looking for new and innovative ways to please him.

I have been told that I was way off base with the massage, standard that is, and maybe with the lingerie for her. Okay, I admit it. I was not thinking about everyone here, and I apologize for that. Please let me try to make this up to you by suggesting some things that I have learned from talking to friends who say they use these tips, tricks and toys to have that fun in the bedroom, and anywhere else they want to have a great time.

I can only hope that you are as forgiving to me as my friends have been. I asked them to review the toy, BJ vouchers for him. I can not print their response. However, they say that they have found enjoyment in the Gay Sex The Card Game, with over 100,000 possible fantasies to indulge in, they may be a while in the final review. We will leave them to it.

Card games not really your style? That is okay to; I have other tricks up my sleeve, so to speak. For the beginner into sex toys we have Thai anal beads. When removed at the precise time, the climax is off the charts. For those who have had this experience, you know what I am saying here, everyone needs to try these at least once…maybe more.

Regardless of sexual orientation, oral gratification is still ranked high on the list. And why not find a product that will lubricate, stimulate, and cause an icy tingling sensation. Al right, stop thinking about Altoids®, now what I am talking about is a product like Body Sensations tingling oil/lubricant. Or Razzles warming lubricant, which is so easy to use, simply rub on and blow for a new pleasing and teasing experience.

When talking about having a steamy night at home, and making sure to do something different, many people often overlook movies. Granted, not everyone enjoys watching on screen what they would rather be doing themselves, but for anyone looking to have a visual and audio sensory overload, try a movie sometime. I am still awaiting the critique of the film called Night Walk, maybe you could check it out; see for yourself if movies are anything that stirs up your partner.

No article about foreplay could be complete without discussing prostate massage. When I wrote the first article I had researched the subject to find out exactly what people who have enjoyed said. What I did not know at the time, was that they make a toy for people to use, and when you are looking for ways to turn on your partner in new ways check out on of these.

The Aneros MGX is designed for both the beginner and expert. The reviews regarding this toy say that it works with your bodies own contractions to achieve male orgasms like nothing else. By using the toy you can assist your partner in achieving these without worrying about whether or not you are performing the massage properly.

Trying out new things or movies or toys does not mean that you have become bored or in a rut with each other. Couples need to remember that be experimenting and moving the relationship in new and diverse directions is keeping it fresh. With time, stress and simply the worries of the world, we can all use an escape. When you are in a relationship having new sexual encounters and growing with each other you keep that relationship fresh.

your hot kitty

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