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Themes For Hacking Forum
Crazy hackers theme looks good I will contact you about that.
The crazy hackers theme seems to be great, will contact you about it.
Can u make me one too Smile Smile Smile
I can get you a better theme. PM me. It's the one on
(Dec 07, 2012, 07:29 PM)zombieman404 Wrote: I can get you a better theme. PM me. It's the one on

sry but.. I don't seem to like the theme... It just doesn't fit in with an hacking forum :/ sry
Crazyhacker was a site owned by CarterV, and he is the creater of crazyhacker theme
If you are Carter, then please PM me
WallBB Premium MyBB Themes
PM me for any type of support Smile
There are some good designers.
PM some :p
I am also looking for one I hope you find one!
Thanks guys these themes look awesome.
#20 I started an new theme, hope you like that aswell Wink

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