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Redirect a repfuck to users reputation
I have the repfuck plugin installed on my website. I created a shortcut link, which can be seen on every users profile. (Preview below)

[Image: 59318330.png]

Now, when I click the repfuck option then it takes me to this page.

[Image: 47287579.png]

I want the user to be repfucked and then like a second or two later be redirected to the repfucked users reputation page.

To make this shortcut, I added the following code.

<li><a href="/repfuck.php?uid={$uid}">RepFuck</a></li>

In the "member_profile_modoptions" template.
So your forcing a member to view they have been repfucked? that's a bit harsh.
(Jul 28, 2012, 08:46 PM)Plugin Wrote: So your forcing a member to view they have been repfucked? that's a bit harsh.

No I mean when I repfuck a member instead of taking me to the weird page, I want it to take me to the users reputation.
Nice idea joker
Found the answer. Thanks to Omar G.

PHP Code:
//Inserts a -25 reputation 

Insert this:
PHP Code:

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