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Minimum MYPS For View Attachment && PPV.
Well this is the Lex version of attachments for myps. Pretty simple plugin.

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.zip   Less than 1 minute ago"> (Size: 1.72 KB / Downloads: 26)
Yeah, this is the one that keeps track of downloads, and I can't for the life of me recreate it for your attachment plugin, Labrocca. I guess it's over my head, darn it!
I will take a peek at it one day. Smile Give me some time. Remind me in a few weeks if I haven't.

Edit: Hey..I took a peek and it looks like Lex did a smart thing (no suprise) and used the MYPS LOG table. That's actually a good way to do it and just log attachments that are not 0 myps costs. That's a good way to do this and keep it clean.
Yeah, I used his example and added the log table to all the addons that I use (including your attachment cost). Makes it easier to keep track of, that's for sure.

but I'll be sure to remind you about keeping track of the downloads in a few weeks. Wink
Would you please update it for 1.4?
please plugin to mybb 1.4x
Excellent mod!

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