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MYPS Mybet
This is a beta version. Please be aware of that before using it on your live site.

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hi there a few problems

how do i make bets?

and when i click on donate it says

The requested URL /myps.php was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

it uses a different admins user name when posting winners how do i change this please
Do you have MYPS installed? MyBet will not work without it.
fixed some off the errors the only problem now is

it uses a different admins user name when posting winners how do i change this please
and the js pop up wont work
Great Work. I'll give it a try.
does anyone know how to make an actual bet as i see the my bet v1.0 box but i dont see anywhere to make a bet
In your ACP ... MyBet Panel - Bet [Add] ...
Pretty obvious if you ask me.

And bets are 'clickable'; just click on the winner of your choice; a new box will appear on the right side where you can enter how much you want to bet.
ok ok soz forgot to refresh the acp to see the my bet panel sorry for seeming like a n00b
I now have it loaded. See it in my acp. Have a box that says "No Bets" on my front page. Now what?? This stuff is so greek to me, it isnt funny, lol. I really need some help. Anyone have a hour or two (compensated, of course) Smile to help me out???? I have worked out a bunch myself, but some things are just escaping me
Any news about when it's coming to 1.4.x?

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