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Now that we have our Version 3 of the site launched, do check us and give us a feedback.
More at
Thank you,
seems nice i like it
Really like the site, brought a theme a while back.
wow mam really liked your themes...great Smile
GFX Is amazing!

And love the theme
Thank you for the feedback guys,
Check out the amazing premium theme released on our site.
Thank you
Site updated with new Christmas template Smile.
Let me know how it looks and read the updates here :
Happy Winter.
Big vouch for them. They designed my theme and a lot of other amazing ones.
(Dec 20, 2013, 03:09 AM)Cyb3rSnake Wrote: Big vouch for them. They designed my theme and a lot of other amazing ones.

Thank you for your kind words,
We are glad that you are our proud customer.
We hope to continue the same quality of Themes and Support we provide.
Professionally designed premium WordPress themes. 3d rendering services Singapore Press developed Genesis, which is the industry standard in WordPress design frameworks.

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