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new install, can't login
Thanks in advance for any help here, I am totally new to this type of thing.

I have a new install of mybb and I don't know how to login. I am the admin, I suppose. I installed this on a new domain. I login as Admin and put in my password I chose when installing the mybb.

It returns me to the page as if I am a guest.

Is there a quick start guide or something I missed?
It asked you to create the administrator account when you installed it.

If Admin was the username you chose, login with that. If it was something else, login with that.

You might have to go into the database and change the details there if you forgot or did something wrong.
Thanks, but it turned out to be a cookie thing.
in (I think) ins/settings.php I had to have
and it came with
for the folder where cookies are stored.
(If I remember correctly. It was very late at night here when I finished that.)

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