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Full Version: Can you code?
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Well i am trying to learn some.... i know abit of HTML Smile


i know c and c++ which is used mainly in software for windows and linux. It is actually quite simple and probs no harder than html


HTML, XHTML, PHP, and a little MySQL is what I know. Smile

I hope to learn C one day...


I can do HTML and a lil' bit PHP.


I can do PHP, HTML, CSS and javascript.


No Sad Unfortunately I can't code really. It sure would be helpful though. I know basic HTML but thats about it...

I am hoping to learn C but the tutorial book I'm using uses a compiler that I can't get to work. Sad


I know HTML, CSS and only a little PHP and C++, other than that, no. Sad




I know PHP/MySQL as well as HTML. I am starting to learn ASP.NET as well.


I can get by using HTML but to be honest I'm not interested in learning PHP.
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