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Full Version: Can you code?
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Meh, they're all the good ones (except ActionScript). Actionscript is pretty decent though, I suppose. I still wanna know what was going through Adobe's mind when they came up with that "language" that Dreamweaver outputs.


(Mar 04, 2007, 11:33 PM)labrocca Wrote: [ -> ]I know some PHP and Perl. I hope to learn some Ruby this year. I don't know any VB or C languages at all. I hear Python kicks butt yet most Python programmers are running full steam to Ruby on Rails.

:O you dont know c
well i am surprised so gud at PHP.

I know C (as its realted to my job) and HTML
and just can use echo in PHP Tongue


I'm gonna try out JQuery. Would be real awesome if I could combine that with some of my MyBB skins Smile
I currently have 4 years of PHP, MySQL, HTML, and CSS experience.

Just wondering, how long ago did you learn PHP Labrocca?


PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (and jQuery). I'm pretty good at coding for WordPress though.


Umm... html, c#, C++, batch, pascal, and xhtml


I got little knowledge in PHP, Perl, C# and Java. I can also do HTML professionally.


I know PHP, MySql, CSS, HTML and have some knowledge of AJAX
I am just starting in coding.

You can find most of my projects at


I know a fair amount of HTML, I'm learning more PHP every now and then. All I know is if, elseif, else statements. And the include statement.
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