1. No spamming. We consider spam repeatedly posting irrelevant short posts. 
2. No referral links. This includes signatures. 
3. No excessive cursing or swearing. 
4. No flaming or personal attacks of any kind will be tolerated. 
5. If you have a problem please contact someone in the moderator group for help. 
6. Posts must be relevent and have quality content to them. No "Yup" type posts. 
7. PM spamming is also not allowed. Any PM soliciting will warrant immediate action, most likely banning. 
8. No derogatory racial slurs. This will have zero tolerance here. 
9. One account per IP only. Do not make multiple accounts. Proxy accounts may be banned. 
10. Signature images must be no larger than 250 pixels tall, and 700 pixels wide. Any larger and they will be removed.