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Cigmas Theme - labrocca - May 06, 2007

This imho is an excellent theme for a professional looking site. Simple and effective with easy colors.

Cigmas Theme ver 1.0 compatible with Mybb version 1.2x by Jesse Labrocca

It is unlawful and against my copyrights to redistribute this theme in whole or part without my expressed written approval.  The images in this theme are free for personal use only.  If you wish to use this theme in whole or part for commercial purpose you must have expressed written permission.  Use of this theme is acceptable only under the condition that the link to mybbcentral is not altered in any way.  The link is in footer template.  Any removal of this link and I will expect a license fee of $100 for each install and/or download of the theme.  Any fees required to obtain this license fee will also be recovered and given to copyright holder.

1. Upload images folder to your root directory.  Allow overwrites
2. In admincp theme import the file extra/cigmas-theme.xml
3. (optional) In admincp make the Cigmas theme default

All the original PNG files needed to create this theme are inside the extra folder. All images are in PNG layered format created by
Macromedia Fireworks. You can replace the logo at images/cigmas/logo.jpg.

Working Demo

RE: Cigmas Theme - viet2503 - May 06, 2007

Themes is very good,
I like it,
Thanh you very much for share

RE: Cigmas Theme - inman - May 07, 2007

Nice design. I like it.

RE: Cigmas Theme - siopk - May 08, 2007

good job labrocca
cool theme

RE: Cigmas Theme - microdude431 - May 09, 2007

Great job!

RE: Cigmas Theme - dhscott - May 09, 2007

Its very professional, I agree.

RE: Cigmas Theme - mrm - May 14, 2007

the best theme for this forum imho Smile

RE: Cigmas Theme - ozmail - May 18, 2007

very nice

RE: Cigmas Theme - dopeline - May 22, 2007

Nice style, good job!

RE: Cigmas Theme - sabo79 - May 23, 2007

What a great Theme ! Good work i want it :-)