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[Release] Aquarius - labrocca - May 15, 2010

It is unlawful and against my copyrights to redistribute this theme in whole or part without my expressed written approval. The images in this theme are free for personal use only. If you wish to use this theme in whole or part for commercial purpose you must have expressed written permission. Use of this theme is acceptable only under the condition that the link to mybbcentral is not altered in any way. The link is in footer template. Any removal of this link and I will expect a license fee of $100 for each install and/or download of the theme. Any fees required to obtain this license fee will also be recovered and given to copyright holder.

1. Upload images folder to your root directory.
2. In admincp theme import the file Aquarius-theme.xml
3. (optional) In admincp make the Aquarius theme default

RE: [Release] Aquarius - Dubstep - May 16, 2010

Nice job. At first I was expecting a bright blue thing I wouldn't like, but I like this, it's dark and works well.

RE: [Release] Aquarius - Pk3r_Pjer - May 16, 2010

Great theme, i'm going to try this one out for my new forum.

RE: [Release] Aquarius - euantor - May 16, 2010

Looks nice Smile Nice work labrocca!

RE: [Release] Aquarius - elusiveDEVIANT - May 16, 2010

Look pretty nice man, gota say I like it. However I am wondering if your gona make a more customized theme, will you?

RE: [Release] Aquarius - labrocca - May 16, 2010

What do you mean more customized? Like deep template edits? Probably not for release. Too many headaches with updates and plugin compatibility. Sure that limits me in design but it also offers higher compability and less troubleshooting.

RE: [Release] Aquarius - elusiveDEVIANT - May 16, 2010

Yeah that is what i ment.

Thats cool, i understand where you are coming from. You would need to make patches or updates for the themes for diff plugins and what not.

RE: [Release] Aquarius - Damion - May 16, 2010

i think the gradient is a bit strong.

RE: [Release] Aquarius - littleguitars - Jun 16, 2010

AWESOME work.. looks VERY good labrocca. I will be sure to try it out.

RE: [Release] Aquarius - Starnova - Jul 16, 2010

I love this theme and am going to try it out on my forum as well...