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[i] ReadMe.
All My Plugins fall under this license

Can ::
* Download The Plugin From
* Install It On Your MyBB Forum
Can't ::
* Offering [ Upload And Share ... ] This Plugin On Your Own/Other MyBB Forum
* Redistribute This Plugin With Own Copyright
* Modify And Use It On Your Own/Other MyBB Forum

Note ::
* I aint responsible for any harm to your forum that could have been caused by this plugin/mod.
* Use at own risk!

Index ::
[i] : Information
[r] : Release MyBB 1.2.*
[r4] : Release MyBB 1.4
[t] : Tutorial
[bR] : BetaRelease
Hi Lex, are you planning to build any sort of fantasy sport system like fantasy soccer, fantasy cricket etc. .. that would be a great addition... I just saw that in there was a link in your forum mentioned as MyLeague and thought that you might be planning a fanstasy league plugin too in the future too... are you planning to build one .. if so, it would be a great addition

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