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Problem with ficons ( table spacing )
I can't seem to figure out how to fix this, I had it fixed for the subforums and for the first tab but all the other tabs were still the same, I decided to uninstall ficons and reinstall and now it won't even fix.

[Image: OZ8mTFL.png]

I'm using a ripped theme atm, I'm thinking it might be fucking around because the theme was ripped with ficons edits to the templates.
First of all the images are not there so you need to add images for the ficons
And second if you want to fix the size then add attribute for width and height
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PM me for any type of support Smile
only need up the images in the folders or add
they uploaded the icons to there server, by the time you got to that theme their source was down just make new icons.
This happens to me sometimes too.

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