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Getting insane traffic on forums - Tutorials
I wrote a small article earlier this week and would like to share with you all.

Let’s say you started a new forum or your forum is on the verge of dying, just because of one reason “Traffic”. I have seen numerous forums with great potential die because of not properly marketing, branding, advertising, sharing of data, and this is a small list of items that you should target.

I will list down all the ways that can exponentially increase your forum traffic, make it a checklist for your forum and attack one by one and i believe you will have enough traffic to make your forum successful.

    Guest Posting – Most of the new forum owners feel that if they allow guest posting they will not get users, wrong. You need to have content on your forum and guest posting can guarantee your forum get’s enough content. An example of it is guest posting on blogs.
    Social Sharing – Make sure you are properly adding social sharing icons on your site and they should be visible to the users. You never know who can share your content. Also don’t forget to add social networks such as Reddit, Pinterest, instagram, they really prove helpful in discussions for forums.
    SEO – No one can deny that if SEO is done properly you will get lots of traffic because of ranking. Always focus on doing SEO for your website. Read this article on Google to know about SEO.
    Advertising – Allow free advertising on your forum, this will allow users to advertise their content. Also if you some money to spend, advertise your forum on your niche specific websites to get relevant traffic.
    Encouraging guest to signup – Add top menu bar or floating bar saying perks of signing up. Make registration process simple.
    Add signatures on forums you are active on relevent to your niche, it really helps in getting referral traffic to your forum which can guarantee high gurst to user conversion.
    Have a fluid layout – Your website design can make you a hit, that is for sure. No one wants to register on an ugly board. Theme of your forum should be exactly that should match your niche and unique.
    Promote your content – You should also focus on promoting your content because ultimately your content will generate huge traffic in long run.

These are all the Top Practices which I will suggest that can generate huge traffic to your forum.

Source : Getting Forum Traffic
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