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Embed flash video
Thank you...
No idea how!
even i want this plugin

y im not able to download this attachment
(Sep 27, 2008, 07:52 PM)DAMINK Wrote: I am not sure if im allowed to do it but i will try pack it up and post it here. I think its just the player and the plugin so should be simple. I will test it on another site. So give me 20 min.
Yes it does play .swf .flv and .mp3

I just tested it on another forum and it works. Now its just 2 files. The player which goes in the root directory and the plugin which goes in inc/plugins.
Then activate as usual. Then you can play .swf .flv and .mp3 with the
[flv] [/flv] tag

If im not allowed to do this then sorry. Just trying to help out.

Just saying thanks
did it work well??

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