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JERO - mybb 1.4x exclusive theme
WE HAVE LIFT OFF. (kinda haha)

[Image: jero.png]

The Jero MyBB Theme Download/Support Link

Quote:A huge thank you to labrocca and all the great members here who provided me with valuable feedback on the JERO MyBB Theme and constant support! Without you guys I honestly would not have bothered to complete this theme…so thank you.


Theme is ALIVE:
Panning out bugs and issues, sign up and give me feedback as i tweak the last few things.

I know, i KNOW this has been a long time coming but i have honestly been beyond busy with personal family problems and stuff, thanks to most of you for understanding and to those that gave up on me, haha well, hope this helps redeem myself a bit eh? Wink

Public release date of the theme is VERY VERY close, just gotta fix the last few issues with the theme and add my ubber hot nav hover over effect!

This seems like the only place for this thread, so here goes.
I'll update this as I go along with progress screen shots and links to the Mybb theme i'm designing first, that will eventually be an exclusive theme

I am somewhat up for peoples input on what they would like to see done with this first theme but I am taking my time here, might be done in a week I guess, not that I have anything better to do but oh well.

I will name this one JERO (one of my nicknames online) and it sounds cool no?

My aim; a simple well designed modern dark forum theme. When it’s done I plan to make a few dif colored versions, red/green/orange/purple? We’ll see.

First couple days i'm just going to play with it design wise, then i'll start to code it all up. The design will be a heavily driven css one, with a ton of graphic aspects, having said that it will be lightning fast, no doubt about that.

this morning I designed the Jero logo, keeping it simple yet brandble/somewhat memorable. This is the teal like color i'm going to design with, I may switch if I get bored of staring at it all day later on.

Round edges, nice solid colors and none of those lame css borders around blocks of white, simple yet sleek roll over effects and so on, so yeah, feedback on things I post would be appreciated.

I'll play around with a nice navigation and all later tonight, we'll see how that goes.
Dunno why i keep going back to the logo, i like it, but...i dunno. picky of me to pick on the damn logo of all things, but i'm like that Big Grin
The MIT Dropout
That's slick. So far I like it a lot.
A dark theme that's still easy on the eyes...I love it!!!
Can't wait to see how this all turns out.
Just another concept I got...which do you think I should go with? The first one or should I go super simplistic? i dunno...playing with navigation now anyway.
[Image: jero2.png]
(scaled down)
The MIT Dropout
First one ...much better imho.
Yeah, this looks really great!
Can't wait for it to be released!
first one it is, will try to have the whole thing set up tomorrow design wise and post a preview before i get to coding, just making the buttons and navigation now
The MIT Dropout
(Nov 14, 2008, 04:39 PM)labrocca Wrote: First one ...much better imho.

Yeah i'm going with the first style Smile
The MIT Dropout
Maybe you should keep the second style in mind for one of the other color variations you mentioned

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