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[r4] New Replies On My Threads
MyBB Version: MyBB 1.4
New Settings: 0
New Templates: 0
DB Changes: 0
File Changes: 0
Files: 1
  • ./inc/plugins/new_replies.php

Images: 0
  • Upload ./inc/plugins/new_replies.php into your ./inc/plugins/ folder
  • Go to your PluginManager and Activate the "New Replies On My Threads" Plugin.
Adds New Search Option To Your header_welcomeblock_member template, if that link doesn't appear after you've activated the plugin you need to add it manually.
  • Open your header_welcomeblock_member template
  • Find
  • Add this after the above code
The search option seeks for new replies in threads you've started && you participated in since your lastvisit.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 1.82 KB / Downloads: 114)
If I use this in the afresh parses "New Replies" twice...can you advise a workaround for that?
Found the solution! Will post back with it...but I'm heading out the door Smile
Sounds great thank you for this!
hmm, pretty cool. Might add this somewhere.
Thank you Lex.
thanks a lot for this plugin
got this error
Quote:Sorry, but no results were returned using the query information you provided. Please redefine your search terms and try again.
Add this is you want to make a "My Threads" link there too.

<a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/search.php?action=finduserthreads&uid={$mybb->user['uid']}"> My Threads </a>

Wouldn't mind a +rep if you used this.

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