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Tody Sucked For Me :(
An excerpt from the new first post on my forum, i used to have about 3k posts and 600 members.

Quote:Nothing much i can say. I visited just a few minutes ago and the page was blank. I FTP'd and there was nothing there, i really dont know what happened. Im not sad, im just shocked. It really sucks, we had 600 members and it all went straight down. Although our forum was a bit glitched from a failed conversion from 1.4 to 1.6.

With this loss will come some good things though, im going to make our own theme, and make some new sections, from now on i promise to secure this forum as best as i can. Spam will stop, HQ members will increase, and this forum will be on top.

I promise.

I would also like to apologize to bacon, you posted SO MANY POSTS, and there all gone dude. All of them, i dont know what to say, there just gone. I feel so bad. You will be made staff again once / if you re-register.

Link to the website?


You know you just had a problem with another member. Maybe someone has you keylogged.
No way jose. Im a linux nerd.

Ive never given anyone any ftp information, but i do use the same password for everything, im going to start changing that now.

I have root access to the server. I'll check the FTP logs.

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