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MyBB Central Exclusive 1.4 Plugins working with v1.6

Tested MyBB Central Exclusive 1.4 Plugins working with v1.6 as of 12th Jan 2011

Google Analytics
Monthly Stats
MyBB Site Sig
My Meta Tags
My Side Boxes
Online 24
Profile Groups
Prune Members*
Easy Refer
My Specs*
Necropost Notice*
*Working but temperamental (some aspects not working or causes other problems)

1.6 Plugins Recently Updated from 1.4

Anon Rep
Contact Form
My Ad Manager
Tabbed Menu
Username History
Self Close

Compatability Issues

If your plugins sucessfully activate in the AdminCP then you will have no problems.
If you get an error message that tells you that the plugin is not compatible with your version of MyBB then you will need to go through the following steps.

  1. Locate the plugin .php file (located in inc/plugins folders)
  2. Open the .php in notepad (it is recommended you use Notepad++ to avoid any formatting issues)
  3. Once opened you will need to search for "compability: "14*"" which will be around the first 10-20 lines of the plugins code.
  4. Delete the 4 so the compability is now "1*". (This will make the plugin compatible with all v1 MyBB.
  5. Note: Just because you made it compatible, doesnt always mean that the plugin will work. A list was made above of all the plugins MyBBCentral offers that work with this fix.
  6. Save the .php file, and upload it to the relevant location on your server.

Thanks, that saved me some time xD
I thought it would Tongue

Also give me a chance to try out some plugins Smile
wowwBig Grin very good
Are those working "out of the box" or did you change the compatibility. I have used about 3/4 of them just by changing the compatibilty.
And yes...I have been using myps since 1.6 has been released. No problems with it yet.
No, most compatabilies changed.

Thanks, I'm going to have to check out MYPS, looks nice.
How exactly do you change the compatibility?
Go to the plugin file (inc/plugins/<pluginname>.php)
Open it in notepad.
Scroll down till you see compatability = "14*".
Change it to "1*".
This will make it compatible with and v1 of mybb.

There are a few tutorials already out there.

Thanks bro helps us .please update upto date
I have 1.6 and when I got checked my tabmenu.php it said its compatiblity was "*" already and I switched to "14" and than "1" and it never worked. Can anyone give me help if I let them access my site via ftp.

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