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Make All MyBB Plugins Work For ALL Versions (Video Tutorial)
Thats my tutorial for making all of the plugins work for all versions of MyBB!
This works for 95% Of all plugins!
Very handy for the noobs. Good tut Smile.
Good tutorial for those who don't understand how to edit a php file.

But sadly not all plugins work 100% when you simply just change the compatibility.
With new versions of mybb, names of templates, functions and variables are changedx created and trashed.

If the plugin involves one of these edits then more template and php edits are required.

Here's my list of Labroccas plugins that work with a compatibility change, and those that work just not well.
Its worked for all plugins for meh Big Grin
Yea the screwing with the template though sucks....
The necropost plugin doesn't fully work with the php change. No quick reply notice.
Self Close doesn't work.

Theres a few.

Tabbed menu I think is the worst for template edits, simply because it uses so many xD
Its worked for all of mine Big Grin
This video is no longer available because the uploader has closed their YouTube account.
Sorry about that.
Video is deleted or?

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