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Get rid of your session table crashing
ALTER TABLE `mybb_sessions` ENGINE = memory

or for older versions of mysql

ALTER TABLE `mybb_sessions` ENGINE = heap

Run that in your phpmyadmin and change your mybb_sessions table into a memory based storage. This will prevent the table from crashing.

Thank you.
* FirefoxWiz bookmarks this valuable piece of information.

Thank you.

But I am getting this error

#1114 - The table '#sql-2474_10f1' is full


ALTER TABLE `mybb_sessions` ENGINE = memory
This info is very old... it might have changed in the meantime.
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#1114 - The table '#sql-2474_10f1' is full

That's a different error. Does your host have a limit on your SQL usage?
Nope. The size of the session table is 6 mb, do I need to empty it?
Contact your host.
When you mean alter do you mean rename? or what?
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ALTER is a mysql command.
Well I am not really sure where to run it in the beginning where I just come in phpadmin or inside mybbsessions itself.
*Edit* Never mind I just figured it out lol thanks for this Big Grin
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